Taco Walk on the Wild Side

Taco Walk on the Wild Side £11.95 Spicy Mince Beef Guacamole Sour Cream Cheddar Cheese Sweetcorn Pico Hard Shell Tortilla Shredded Lettuce Try it with a glass of Shadow Point Pinot Noir! Custom Fields Dietary

All American Cobb Salad

All American Cobb Salad £11.95 Grilled Chicken Avocado Crispy Bacon Shredded Lettuce Cherry Tomatoes Boiled Egg Parmesan Cheese Crispy Tortilla Honey Mustard Vinegarette Custom Fields Dietary

Lumberjack Slam

Lumberjack Slam £12.25 Belgian Waffle Maple Syrup Sausages Bacon Scrambled Eggs Vegetarian? Swap Bacon & Sausages for Vegan Sausages and Halloumi Custom Fields Dietary

Cali Cowboy

Cali Cowboy £13.95 Scrambled Eggs Sausages Bacon Mixed Beans Mushrooms Charred Tomatoes Toasted Sourdough Vegetarian? Swap Sausages & Bacon for Vegan Sausages & Halloumi Custom Fields Dietary

Ranch Beans

Ranch Beans £9.95 Spicy Mixed Beans Smashed Avocado Salsa Spring Onion Red Chillies Toasted Flour Tortilla Sausage £1.75 Halloumi £1.75 Smoked Bacon £1.75 Custom Fields Dietary Vegan

Poké Bowl

Poké Bowl £11.95 Sushi Rice Teriyaki Sauce Beetroot Edamame Beans Tenderstem Broccoli Avocado Cucumber Radish Sesame Seeds Chicken £4.50 Smoked Salmon £4.75 Smoked Tofu £4.25 Sliced Steak £4.75 Custom Fields Dietary Vegan